The Second International Conference of the African Marine Waste Network

20-24 April 2020
Port Elizabeth, South Africa


These abstract submissions are for everyone, including scientists, educators, communicators, government, enterprise and so on. Should you wish to submit an abstract or presentation for the conference, please see the conference themes and guidelines below.

Please note the deadline for abstract submissions is 3 March 2020.

Abstract Topics:

  • Plastics and climate change
  • Plastics and human health
  • Facts and fallacies of plastic pollution
  • Replacements for plastics


  • Litter monitoring and tracking progress
  • Litter monitoring on land and water bodies
  • Abandoned, lost or discarded fishing gear (ALDFG)
  • Waste from vessels excluding (ALDFG)
  • Microplastics


  • Working towards a circular economy
  • Industry working towards sustaining the environment
  • Innovating to reduce plastic pollution
  • Communicating and networking to inspire positive behavior changes
  • Educating for understanding to reduce plastic pollution


  • Organisations taking action for change
  • Regional and national action plans
  • Policies and government
  • Managing waste in towns, cities, rural and impoverished areas

Please note:

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